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ACPS Chemistry Lecture: The Dirt on Cleaning - Prof. Tara Kahan. March 16, 2022 7 PM

ACPS Chemistry Lecture

The Dirt on Cleaning: Increased Disinfection Attempts Affect Indoor Air Quality and Pose Health Risks

Professor Tara Kahan (University of Saskatchewan)

March 16, 2022 7 PM Saskatchewan time.


Response to COVID-19

The COVID-19 outbreak has been a challenging time for everyone. I hope all members, their families, and friends are safe during this time. It’s important that we continue to practice good hygiene and social distancing and follow guidance from public health professionals. 

Social Night on February 28th!

The ACPS will be hosting a social night on February 28th, at 6pm. The event will be located at 21st Street Brewery which is in the basement of Winston's, in downtown Saskatoon. If you know a colleague or student who is interested in the association invite them to come along and learn more about us!

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